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Here’s Where OMNIWave™’s Superiority Begins.
Shockwave therapy stands at the forefront of non-invasive medical treatments, offering new hope for patients dealing with an array of chronic conditions. Yet, the efficacy of such therapies hinges on the type of wave generated by the device.
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Relief Like Never Before!

OMNIWave™ uses advanced hydraulics and cutting-edge technology to combine high-velocity sound waves with deep tissue stimulation, activating your body’s natural recovery processes swiftly and safely.

Supported by extensive clinical studies, our approach directly addresses pain sources, rejuvenating cells and alleviating discomfort from various orthopedic conditions in sessions lasting under ten minutes.

Holistic and DRUG FREE

OMNIWave™'s natural wave-based technology is an effective, drug-free option

FAST Treatments

Provides immediate relief in less than 10 minutes

Deep and POWERFUL Relief

Patients report immediate relief from a variety of ailments.


Provides immediate relief in less than 10 minutes

Targets a WIDE RANGE of Disease & Injury

Targets pain, inflammation, injury, and age-related frustrations in everything from chronic disease management to beauty and wellness.


Patients can resume normal activities immediately after their appointments.

A new wave of WELLNESS

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About OMNIWave™

With over 3 decades of experience, our innovative team of shockwave therapy experts at OMNIWave™ are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, engineering medical devices fine-tuned to address today’s distinct healthcare challenges.

Our device patents are recognized by both the USA – FDA and European Union CE.
Role of Shockwave Therapy in Sports Medicine

Role of Shockwave Therapy in Sports Medicine

In the ever-evolving field of sports medicine, innovative treatments continually emerge to enhance athletes’ performance and expedite their recovery. One such breakthrough is shockwave therapy, a non-invasive procedure gaining prominence

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