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The revolutionary sound wave & tissue stimulation system , powering swift and safe recovery

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OMNIWave™ helps you build a thriving practice like never before

With OMNIwave’s unique stimulation technology you can build a highly-
profitable practice with 10 minute sessions multiple times a week.

Whether your patients seek relief from chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or aiming to enhance overall well-being, OMNIwave offers a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery, injections, or pain medication.

From premium wellness packages to specialized treatments and aesthetic services, cash pay revenue streams empower you to cater to the unique needs and desires of your clientele. By providing high-value services that go above and beyond standard care, you can command premium prices and maximize your earning potential.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner looking to expand your skill set or a recent graduate eager to jumpstart your career, our training programs provide the perfect platform for your continued success. With hands-on experience and interactive workshops, you’ll gain the confidence to use the device right from the get go.

After you register to become a provider, our marketing team will reach out with all promotional materials so you can showup as an expert.

With OmniWave, you’ll discover a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and technologies that are seamlessly integrated to streamline every aspect of your practice. From patient management and scheduling to billing and reporting, our intuitive platform empowers you to automate time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources so you can focus on what you do best – providing exceptional care to your patients.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Based on 1000+ client reviews

Hear it from Dr. Cunningham

With OMNIwave’s unique stimulation technology you can build a highly-
profitable practice with 10 minute sessions multiple times a week.


My patients have been reporting
better results after 1-2 treatments!

Dr. David Cunningham
OMNIWave™ Provider

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Meet the OMNIWave™ F Series

A HydroAcoustic Stimulation™— where cutting-edge hydraulics create supersonic sound waves for immediate healing activation. This proprietary technology melds high-velocity sound waves with deep tissue stimulation, igniting your body’s innate recovery capabilities swiftly and safely.

Backed by extensive clinical research, our technology targets pain at its source, revitalizing cells and diminishing discomfort from a spectrum of orthopedic ailments in sessions under ten minutes.

Pain Management            Insertional Tendinopathies
Deep-Seated Tendons    Degenerative Pathologies
Bone Stress Injuries          Stress Fractures
Non-unions                        Acute Pain & Flare Ups 
 Osteoarthritis and more…                    

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Based on 1000+ client reviews

Why the OMNIWave™ F Series over other providers?

After working with thousands of private practice owners – we’ve learned one simple thing
about adding new technology, and it’s this… 

You’re looking to lift clinical results or accelerate recovery for your patients ESPECIALLY with condition you’re not currently addressing or having trouble addressing. 

You’re looking to grow your revenue, increase visit fees
and attract new patients.

So why doesn’t every clinic just add new technology then?

For obvious reasons, right?

It’s not free and the results aren’t ever guaranteed.
We offer 100% risk-free and for $0 down…

Then make sure you Book your Intro Call ASAP.

We Guarantee our results!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Based on 1000+ client reviews

Here’s How The System Works

Common treatment areas include Neck pain, Elbow pain, back
& hip pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain

Speeds healing by boosting metabolism and blood circulation for tissue regeneration

Activates cells responsible for bone, muscle, and connective tissue repair

Encourages the release of natural healing agents like red blood cells, growth factors, and mobilizes stem cells

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Based on 1000+ client reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions before purchase?

  What makes OmniWave different from other turnkey business solutions in the healthcare industry?

OmniWave stands out due to its comprehensive suite of integrated tools and technologies designed specifically for healthcare providers. From patient management to advanced treatment options, OmniWave offers a complete solution tailored to streamline operations and drive success.

How can OmniWave help me attract and retain patients for my practice?

OmniWave offers innovative treatment options that deliver superior outcomes, such as rapid healing and enhanced wellness. These results not only attract new patients seeking effective solutions but also encourage existing patients to return for additional treatments, leading to increased patient retention.

What kind of support can I expect when implementing OmniWave into my practice?

When you choose OmniWave, you gain access to comprehensive training and support programs. Our team of experts provides guidance on integrating OmniWave into your practice, as well as ongoing education and updates on the latest advancements in the field to ensure your success.

Is OmniWave user-friendly, and will it require extensive training for my staff?

Yes, OmniWave is designed with ease of use in mind. Our intuitive platform makes it easy for your staff to navigate and utilize its features efficiently. Additionally, our training programs are tailored to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively leverage OmniWave without requiring extensive training.

How can I learn more about OmniWave and determine if it’s the right fit for my practice?

We understand the importance of making informed decisions for your practice. To learn more about OmniWave and explore how it can benefit your specific needs, we offer personalized consultations and demonstrations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your practice with OmniWave.

Try it with our 100% Risk-FREE guarantee!


Help your patients Wave Goodbye to Pain Medication and
Get your Profits to Soar With 10-Minute Sessions

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