Not All Waves are Created Equal!

Shockwave therapy stands at the forefront of non-invasive medical treatments, offering new hope for patients dealing with an array of chronic conditions. Yet, the efficacy of such therapies is not uniform—it hinges on the type of wave generated by the device. Here’s where OMNIWave™’s superiority begins


The OMNIWave™ Edge: Electrohydraulic Excellence

The OMNIWave™ stands distinct with its Electrohydraulic – Hermetic type Spark gap technology. Here’s why this matters:

Unmatched Precision

The electrohydraulic method allows the OMNIWave™ to deliver shockwaves with surgical precision, ensuring energy is delivered exactly where it’s needed.

Deepest Reach

It can penetrate to depths that superficial treatments can’t touch, addressing the root cause of deep-seated pathologies.

Optimized Power

It boasts a powerful energy output that can be fine-tuned to the patient’s needs, enhancing treatment efficacy.

Consistent Quality

The hermetic spark gap mechanism ensures consistent shockwave quality and device longevity, a true investment in your practice’s future.

Built to Last

With a design focused on durability, the OMNIWave™ promises to be a lasting addition to your clinic, delivering quality care session after session.

The impact that OMNIWave™ has had on my patients has really been remarkable!

David Cunningham MD

Discover the OMNIWave™ System today and embark on a journey where precision meets potency, innovation meets insight, and medical care reaches new horizons.

Elevate your practice, elevate patient outcomes.